Because it’s always okay to pamper yourself…

Feel beautiful and confident…

With little or no makeup at all!


Our professional eyelash extensions and brow styling will help you achieve that ready-to-go look to brighten your face… all day, every day.

Because it’s always okay to pamper yourself.

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Here are a few love notes from happy customers.

  • Kiah is amazing at what she does. She pays special attention to your needs. I began with her as a model and from day one I felt totally at ease with her meticulous attention to details and her services. Rest assured that you are in good hands with Kiah.

    One Satisfied Customer
    — Diana S.
  • I have gone to many lash boutiques over the years, and although my experiences have been okay, my lash extensions have never lasted long or just looked too bulky. So I started to purchase lash strips to do my own, and ended up damaging my natural lashes. I have been going strong with Kiah for two and a half years and my lashes not only look AMAZING, but their natural thickness has come back so they look even better with the extensions on. I recommend Wynter Artistry to anyone who is looking for a natural, full look with lash extensions without ruining your natural lashes at the same time!

    THANK YOU! Wynter Artistry for saving my lashes.
    — Sabrina M.
  • Kiah walked me through the entire process, she was so incredibly sweet, and she took extra time explaining the process and various options to me. In her own words, “Just relax and take a nap.” Next thing I knew, VIOLA! I woke up to my dream lashes! I am so obsessed with her work and my new-found lashes that I refuse to wait any longer than two weeks for a touch-up. There are so many words that describe Kiah and her artistic talent. She’s angelic, loveable, genuine, and most of all, impressive. I guarantee you will instantly want to become her friend the moment you meet her – just like I did. One secret I will let you in on is this: you will become addicted to your lashes… an entirely new level of addiction.
    — Kelsey M.